Best Beach Resorts


Thailand resorts attractive: the high level of service (relative affordability), the hotel, equipped with the latest technology, a fascinating excursion program, which includes elephant riding, visiting the most beautiful nature reserves, bathing in a waterfall, all sorts of water and underwater entertainment. Especially popular among tourists resorts of Pattaya and Phuket. They differ, perhaps, the fact that the island of Phuket is focused more on the quiet rest and Pattaya – a cheerful, youth resort with many restaurants, bars and discos. Both resorts have beautiful, green spaces, beautiful beaches with white sand and are a great place for water activities such as jet-skiing, fishing, diving (scuba diving), yachting, water skiing, wind surfing.

A dedicated staff is sure to greet you with a smile and offer everything for rest and relaxation: sauna, SPA-treatments, Thai massage, recreational gymnastics and fitness. For children too do not worry, for there are a children’s pool, mini-golf, fun entertainment. Charm and flavor inherent in the nightlife of Thailand. At this time, a lot of clubs are opened, displayed extravagant shows, performed fiery Asian dances.


More recently formed the belief that rest to two times a year: the first time – anywhere, and the second – always in Turkey. This is no accident! Turkey is a favorite destination for many tourists from Europe and Russia. The climate is pleasant – subtropical, Mediterranean, and varies depending on the area of Turkey. The country is famous for its unique culture, rich national traditions, the variety of historical monuments, magnificent nature and warm hospitality, but most importantly – it’s beach resorts.

Best resorts in Turkey are: Antalya, Kemer, Belek and Side.

Resorts captivate a large green area, swimming pool with blue water, clean sand and pebble beaches, hotels, equipped according to the standards of a modern spa service and excellent cuisine. The hotel has a sauna, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, fitness room, solarium, aqua gym, shows, beach volleyball, basketball, tennis, darts, bowling, billiards, disco, internet cafe, catamaran, canoeing, archery , animation and children’s club. Special recognition enjoyed the water slides. Belek is a world golf center, and also the most expensive resort in Turkey.


Holidays in Greece confirms the famous saying that everything is there. Best resorts in Greece are considered the island of Rhodes, Corfu and Crete. Rhodes is the largest resort in the southern Aegean Sea, it is a comfortable place, the number of clear and sunny days in a year (about 300). The island is shrouded in many myths, legends and fascinating history of the development, embodied in the amazing architectural monuments, statues, and local art. Hotels are available for every taste and comfort, ranging from budget hotel (3 stars) and ending with excellent luxury hotels with luxurious beaches and a variety of entertainment. For entertainment on the island you will find casinos, taverns, bars, clubs and parks. Corfu is an elite vacation spot on the Ionian Sea, it is visited mostly solid, respectable, the public, there are few young people. Island unusually rich in natural beauty, there is a lot of greens, olive groves and citrus orchards.

Most of the hotels are categorized as Deluxe. For entertainment there is on Corfu Golf Club, tennis courts, horse riding and scuba diving, beach entertainment, outdoor cinema, fitness clubs and beauty salons, as well as children’s playgrounds, a water park, animation, theater and casino. On the island of Crete life always boils! And day and night, thanks to its geographical location. The island is located at the junction of the two seas – the Aegean and Libyan, here you and strong Europe, and Asia, and Africa with its exotic. The beaches are mostly pebble, but there are sandy, well-developed infrastructure, hotels for every taste, all – with a huge selection of water sports. The island will be able to relax and noisy, cheerful youth and respectable public and couples with children, looking for solitude.


Wonderful island in the Indian Ocean, bathed in natural light. The climate on the island – the equatorial sea. Warm weather is here all year round, and the clear clean air is filled with scents of blooming orchards and tropical forest. Among the most popular resorts in Bali are three Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Kuta. Hotels in Bali, the highest class, surrounded by parks, alleys and flowers.

Jimbaran – this most respectable resort on the shores of the Indian Ocean. This is truly a paradise on earth. Golden sandy beaches, picturesque nature, incredibly beautiful scenery, especially against the background of bright colorful evening sunsets and golden morning sunrise. All first class hotels, this ploy – scuba diving, surfing, diving (diving and mask) and fishing. Particularly pleasing for seafood lovers will visit one of the restaurants located right on the beach and offering delicious seafood. Nusa Dua – Bali’s most popular resort with many 4 and 5 star hotels, with a large area, excellent infrastructure, pools, tennis courts, a wide range of services and entertainment. The resort offers a choice of restaurants with evening shows, shops, boutiques, famous department stores, souvenir shops and art galleries. Kuta will be particularly attractive to young people, as the resort is a relatively inexpensive vacation destination and a center of nightlife in Bali.


Holiday in the UAE is famous for high-end tourism and the possibility of an exciting holiday with a flexible infrastructure, entertainment, and a simplified system of stay in the country for tourists. The main resorts are located on the coast of the Persian Gulf – is Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Jumeirah. Is considered the most luxurious resort – Jumeirah, all hotels have a category for it 5 stars, and are ideal for a beach holiday and entertainment. Resort Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, which skillfully combines the ancient traditions of the East, the modern design and luxury. The hotels are not big in size, but all of them are on the Persian Gulf.

Sightseeing tour in Abu Dhabi offers: riding on a camel safari, a water park with 24 slides, a cruise on the Persian Gulf, the night hunting for crabs and dive into the underwater world. Dubai Hotels predominantly urban, resort is good for shopping, entertainment and sightseeing. It implements all the opportunities to engage in a variety of sports, such as cycling, sailing, rock climbing, water skiing, fishing, hunting, shooting a rifle or bow, bowling, billiards and paintball.

Tips for Saving on Flight and Hotel Booking

As a direct impact of the stumbling economic conditions and unpredictable international airfare, planning out a vacation can turn out to be expensive and this may cause globetrotters to refrain taking tours. The cost of flight booking and accommodation facilities make up a major part of the total expenses incurred by people in an excursion. Recent surveys conducted to estimate the increase in travel expenses have revealed that travelling in the current scenario is supposed to cost almost double as that was required five years back. However, following a few tips can just be of great help for vacationers to save thousand of bucks.

Opt for Travel Packages

Most travel portals offer packages and deals to boost their sales as well as to provide passengers an optimized airfare. Opting for a package is always considered better while on a vacation or excursion. On one hand, it ensures that globetrotters are allowed to book flights for the onward and return journey in a single go, while on the other, it ensures that they do not have to worry about the reservations during the tour. In a bid to outdo each other, travel portals offer smart deals every now and then. It is wise to keep a check on these websites, to grab a lucrative offer, if there is any.

Book in Advance

Booking in advance is another option that can work wonders if travelers are looking to save a few bucks during their travel. There has been a lot of debate about the ideal time to confirm the tickets. However, it has been globally accepted that carrying out transactions almost a month in advance is supposed to cost less. As popular tourist destinations are visited by vacationers round the year, getting a hotel booked can cause some hitches. These situations are best avoided if the flight and hotel booking are complete well in advance.

Clear the Cache of the System

One of the most overlooked but extremely important parts of internet booking is keeping a check on the browsing history. With internet reaching to the global population on a much larger scale, most of the booking is done via travel websites. More often than not, it has been observed that once a rate is checked on a travel portal, it never retains the same value and keeps on increasing. This is because of the fact that these travel portals keep a check on the browsing data, as a result of which, as soon as they spot a consistency in the search pattern, the prices are tagged at a higher value. Clearing the cache of the system can prevent these portals from keeping a track on the browsing history, which may enable travelers to view the exact price.

All these factors, when employed simultaneously can help to save the cost of travel expenses. However, all these are essentially a part of a major trial-and-error. Sometimes, these methods can lead to cheaper charges and at other times, they may not. However, it has been observed that no matter whatever the circumstances, following these can ensure that passengers are not paying a hefty amount.
If you wish to find out secrets on how to find cheap International airfare, I just have to recommend you this article of airfare secrets guide. It has helped many people to save money on their flight and hotel booking and you really shouldn’t miss out on that chance.

When to Buy Single Trip Travel Insurance

If you want coverage for a specific period of time or a specific break, consider buying single trip travel insurance. This is ideal for those who rarely travel out for vacations or holiday. The one more reason why it is popular with many people is that it is very cheap as compared to annual travel insurance.

The type of insurance always depends on the frequency of traveling. If you’re a frequent travel, having journey cover for the entire year is a must to cover all your risks. But if you travel rarely, it is better to buy single trip insurance rather than not buying insurance.

Some people avoid buying journey cover thinking they don’t need it as they travel just once or twice a year. What’s there in store for you, no one knows. What can happen and when, this is beyond human imagination. To keep yourself safe and secure, covering your risk just for 5-10 percent of your total vacation investment is not too much. Rather, it is wise to transfer your journey risks to insurers. Some of single trip policies also offer life insurance and evacuation insurance.

Single trip policies cover only one trip or vacation. They offer almost the same advantages as annual insurance policies would give. The only difference is that the former provide coverage for a particular trip while latter covers the risk all through the year.

Single trip insurance cover includes loss caused due to flight delay, trip cancellation, flight cancellation due to rotten weather, any mishap such as excessive body ache, fever, accident, broken bones, medical emergencies, treatment and medication expenses, doctor’s fee, ambulance expenses, etc. But all these benefits are limited to a single trip. If something didn’t misshapen and it did not come in use, the policy gets expired and can not used again if you plan your travel for the second time.

If you think that buying insurance before traveling is a sheer wastage of money, you need to reconsider. Just imagine what would you do when you lose all your money or luggage while traveling and especially when you’re overseas. It is not at all wastage of money rather protects you and allows you to travel with complete peace of mind.